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About JRP

Our company offers engineering design in machine building and engineering design for individual consumer products.

What makes us different?

Our semi-automated system helps us produce high quality technical documentation even in case of large projects.

  • To speed up the design process all repetitive tasks have been automated using special software.
  • The drawings we produce have all the information for the production of the product included.
  • All changes that occur after the drawings have gone into production, are managed as revisions to prevent misinterpretation.
  • The bill of materials contains all parts that are needed for the production and assembly of the device. The advantage of our BOM is also the ability of sorting by columns (by supplier, material,...), which makes ordering of standard parts much easier.
  • We are improving our system all the time, so we can assure the best solution for our customer.

We use our knowledge of FEM analysis when basic calculations and approximation is not enough.

When designing small prototypes we can also perform their assembling which can speed up the process of applying changes during the development phase.

In the future we are planing of expanding our machine shop to offer small quantity production for prototype making and maintainance.


We can also help if:

  • you have an idea for a product, but you don’t have the technical solutions to make it functional,
  • you want to make the first prototype of your product to prove its functionality,
  • you need technical drawings for making the first prototypes or for series-production,
  • you need a virtual prototype rendering for web or catalogue presentation,
  • you have an existing product that you want to adjust to new requirements,
  • you want to check your product with mechanical FEM calculation before production.
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